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Amberjack tartare marinated in bergamot
dolmas filling
and cream from sea urchin eggs

Red pumpkin mousse
caramelized chestnuts,
cured pork and fresh black truffle

Roasted lamb
with white carrot puree, pepper pickle
and black-eyed beans

thick pasta, braised oxtail, shiitake
and foamy béchamel

Macedonian halva mousse
praline from tahini and spearmint, lemon sorbet
and caramelized peanuts


 Degustation menu: € 40

Wine pairing (4 glasses): € 18
Wine pairing (5 glasses): € 21


Mixed salad with goat cheese
fennel, apples and truffle honey € 12

'Mixed greens pie'
with wild greens, feta cream and crispy fyllo € 10

Red pumpkin mousse
caramelized chestnuts, cured pork and fresh black truffle € 14

God brandade balls
with spinach rice and spicy mayo € 12

Fresh scallops
with potato and apaki (cured pork from Crete),
chicory mousse and marinated tomato seeds € 15

Amberjack tartare marinated in bergamot
dolmas filling and cream from sea urchin eggs € 14

Smoked eel
with cucumber cream, chanterelles and tamarisk € 14

beef tartare, with yogurt-wasabi cream, kavourma crust and ouzo jelly cubes € 14

thick pasta, braised oxtail, shiitake and foamy béchamel € 14


Main Courses

Couscous bourdeto
with scorpion fish, mussels and calamari € 18

with cauliflower cream, caramelized carrots, beetroot sauce and hibiscus € 23

Cock au Vin
with thick potato pasta stuffed with skotyri (cheese from Ios island) & spicy pepper sauce € 17

Pork neck steak
with celery root puree, coriander sauce and onions pickles € 16

Braised beef cheeks
with fennel, lemon and mashed potatoes € 18

Bavette steak
with roasted salsify, apaki (cured pork), chard cream and pecorino cheese € 22

Roasted lamb
warm chickpea mousse, grilled fennel and olive powder € 17

Volaki from Andros island
white, soft, cow's cheese with rich aromas € 4

Skotyri from Ios island
white creamy cheese with spicy and rich taste € 5

Graviera from Argos
firm sheep's cheese with mild taste € 6

Pecorino from Amfilochia
firm sheep's cheese with spicy and salty taste € 5

Smoked cheese from Naousa
semi-firm cow's cheese with rich and smoky taste € 5

Ladograviera from Zakinthos island
firm goat's and sheep's cheese with spicy dynamic taste € 5

Kaseri from Xanthi
firm sheep's and goat's cheese with mild buttery and spicy taste € 5

Manoura from Sifnos island
semi-firm sheep's and goat's cheese € 7

Cheesecake with Xynotyri (cheese from Ios island)
barley rusk crumble, tomato spoon sweet and mastica jelly € 10

Macedonian halva mousse
praline from tahini and spearmint, lemon sorbet and caramelized peanuts € 9

Meringue ball with bitter chocolate
lime cream, coconut ice-cream and cherry sauce € 10

Valrhona chocolate Ganache
with praline, marinated strawberries, diced chestnut and white chocolate ice-cream € 10

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