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Mixed salad with goat cheese 

fennel, fresh peach and truffle honey

€ 12
Dakos with skotyri

tomato ice-cream and crumble of Greek barley rusk

€ 10
Cod brandade balls

with spinach rice and spicy mayo

€ 12
Roasted calamari

couscous with zucchini, citrus vinaigrette, tomato and coriander

€ 14
Chub mackerel

with cucumber cream, chanterelles and tamarisk

€ 12

thick pasta, braised oxtail, shitake and foamy bechamel

€ 14
Beetroot gnocchi with optopus

arseniko cheese cream

€ 12
Fresh scallops

with potato and apaki, chicory mousse and marinated tomato seeds

€ 12
Couscous bourdeto

with scorpion fish, mussels and calamari

€ 18

with smoked eggplant puree, fresh onions and tomato dolmas

€ 23
Pork belly

with celery root puree, coriander sauce and onion pickle

€ 16
Skirt steak

with roasted salsify, apaki, chard cream and pecorino cheese

€ 20
Braised beef cheeks

with fennel, lemon and mashed potatoes

€ 18
Roasted lamb

with white carrot puree, pepper pickle and black-eyed beans

€ 17


Baklava with pistachio parfait

caramelized pastry, cinnamon ice-cream and caramel sauce

€ 10
Macedonian halva mousse

praline from tahini and spearmint, lemon sorbet and caramelized peanuts

€ 9Ba
Baked pears

with chestnut puree, crumble spices and cardamom ice cream

€ 10

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