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Cow’s Milk


Balaki from Tinos island white, soft cow’s milk cheese with rich taste € 6

Smoked cheese from Naousa semi-firm cow’s milk cheese with rich & smoky taste € 5

Bournias cheese with rich aromas and intense spicy flavor € 6

San Michali Cheese from Syros island hard cow’s milk cheese € 6


Sheep, Goat Milk


Arseniko from Naxos with strong, salty and buttery flavour € 7


Goat Milk


Manouri aeros Chesse from Vlasti white, soft cheese with sweet after taste € 5

Goat Cheese from Evia aged in ash € 6

Goat Cheese from Evia aged in mold € 6


Sheep’s Milk


Graviera from Argos firm sheep’s milk cheese with mild taste € 6


Sheep and goat’s Milk


Manoura from Sifnos island semi-firm sheep’s & goat’s milk cheese € 7

Kaseri from Mytilini island sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese with mild buttery taste € 5